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Account Manager- Facilities Management Soft Services

The Transgoard Group is looking for Account Manager – Facilities Management Soft Services in Dubai, UAE

Job Descriptions

Transguard Group was established in 2001 and has diversified significantly, we lead in the fields of Cash Services, Security Services, Manpower Services, Facilities Management & Aviation. Transguard Group is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic and culturally diverse workforce with 50,000 employees!

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We are currently recruiting for an Account Manager to join our Facilities Management Soft Services team at Transguard Group.


Manage allocated customer accounts in line with the commercial agreement, ensuring we maintain 100% of clients, grow the accounts as well as manage the relationship in line with the commercial agreement.


Commercial Management

  • Responsible for developing the business growth of the account
  • Implicitly understand the commercial aspects of the contract and manage the service delivery within the boundaries of the contract
  • Prepare a quarterly report with monthly operational data to support the review of the financial performance of the contracts in question
  • Investigate with the Divisional Manager the reason why any expected gross profit on the contract is not met. Explore %u201Cmanagement solutions%u201D to address the issue.
  • Ensure invoices are prepared, delivered and paid
  • Monitor billable vs non billable staff
  • Report any variations to the contract to the Divisional Manager and ensure that these are reviewed and agreed with the client

Client Management

  • Develop a good working relationship with the client and hold regular client meetings to ensure the smooth running of the contract
  • Undertake site visits to view staff performance and discuss and resolve any issues raised by the client regarding the quality of the service
  • Monitor that the service delivered is within the contract terms. If not discuss variations with the client and Business Unit Head
  • Explore further business opportunities with the client
  • Plan ahead and agree with the client for any new staff requirements to meet any future peaks and troughs
  • Ensure the work schedules developed for the staff match the client requirements

Staff Management

  • Manage the team structure and develop it as required to ensure the operations run smoothly and within budget
  • Manage operational Team Members
  • Hold staff meetings, monthly or as required
  • Conduct site visits to view staff performance and help to motivate staff
  • Plan mobilization of staff according to agreed timescales with the client
  • Arrange site specific induction and training of new staff
  • Check and sign off the monthly payroll
  • Resolve staff issues together with relevant departments, including salary discrepancies, emergency leave, reallocation of staff to other contracts, accidents, etc.
  • Monitor absence and accident rates and undertake any correction actions required
  • Approve staff leave
  • Monitor staff performance and nominate staff for the Employee of the Month award
  • Monitor that work schedules are being followed by the operations team


Knowledge – Experience

  • 1-2 years of experience in a similar position

Technical skills

MS Office Suite

Hard skills

Performance Management

Reporting skills

Strategic planning

Soft skills


Conflict Resolution

Critical thinking

Effective Listening

Effective Communication

Negotiations kills

Time Management

Customer Service Orientation

Job Details

Job Location: Dubai, UAE

Job Role: Account Management

Division: Integrated Facilities Services


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