If you’ve read all these Tie articles above, you will come to agree with me that a tie is a powerful accessory and one of the most influential fashion tools you could use to make a great first impression and in some cases – win an election.

That’s why astute politicians, salesmen, and business professionals reach for their lucky tie (usually a power tie) when about to close a deal or make a public speech.

Choosing the right tie color will set you apart from others and can easily distinguish you as not only a classy man but also a confident gentleman.

So when next you are about choosing a tie you would wear to work for that key presentation you have or that special function, ask yourself one question – What Does My Tie Color Symbolize?

Let’s discuss the meaning behind each tie color – Shall we?

Yellow is also a power tie just like the Red Tie, however, yellow is a subtle version of a red power tie – more like the approachable cousin of the red power tie. This is the perfect tie to wear for a first interview because it shows you are confident and not afraid of a challenge.

Conveying trust, stability, calmness, peace, and confidence, a blue tie is an excellent color choice for client-facing, interviews, public speaking or if you are going into a hostile meeting with aggressive attendees.

That being said, it’s no coincidence that politicians and salesmen are frequently seen in blue ties. The lighter blue shade is softer and appears more approachable. A darker shade of blue represents seriousness and matter-of-factness.

This color symbolizes practicality, reliability, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, growth and also implies being down-to-earth. Brighter shades of green will imply that you are balanced, fresh and energetic.

For a conventional look, darker shades of green are more appropriate and will imply that you are stable and serious.

As a leader, use this when you want to convey your knowledge on a particular skill to your team members. For instance, you should wear this on your first day of resumption in a new workplace as a Manager who will be in charge of a team of experts.

The color – purple is traditionally associated with royalty and wealth. This tie color communicates confidence and luxury.

Though this isn’t a popular choice of tie color for most men, the tie can draw attention to the wearer. Wear this tie color as a way of standing out from the crowd giving you a formal and elegant appearance that portrays a confident gentleman that is comfortable in his outfit choices and shows no concern for what people think about him. Do NOT wear this tie to any event or occasion where you want to give the impression of a “simple man”. Wear it if you want to achieve the direct opposite.

Don’t forget your rules for pairing, shirt tie, and suits!

Orange is the wild card of tie colors. A bright orange tie will imply that you are enthusiastic, open-minded and adventurous. It is the perfect tie for making a memorable first impression and creating a sense of excitement within the workplace.

This tie color projects the image of a very down-to-earth but practical man. It symbolizes reliability, practicality, knowledge and the tie color says “I can get the job done”.

You can choose this as your signature style color if you maintain a particular key position with other colleagues to distinguish you as a reliable employee, performer and someone that delivers well on his tasks.

The Black Tie is associated with very formal events, fancy gatherings, dinner parties, and evening events. You should save your black ties for these special events. However, if you love black or you are a fan of John Wick – wearing the black tie on black shirt look is always going to look dapper on you especially when paired with a charcoal gray or black suit. Please note, this look should be avoided on certain occasions especially wearing this as business attire to the office.

There you have it – different tie colors and their meaning. As you’ve learned today, your tie makes a powerful statement. So next time you are about tying that knot, consider what image you are projecting through the color of your tie.

Please note that you can always choose a tie color with some touch of other colors so as long as they go well together, but let these colors dominate always.

For instance a Yellow Tie with a touch of blue dots, a blue tie with a touch of red diagonal stripes, etc.

Do you love wearing power ties? Have you already adopted a particular tie color as your signature style? Please share your experience wearing it, do leave a reply below as I’d love to hear from you. For any comments, contributions, or general inquiries, you may use the Contact Form.

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